We are looking forward to being with our old friends again! But, even with an entire weekend, it is hard to get to speak with everyone.  And we want to be able to contact friends who are unable to attend this year.  So now we have a job for you! Please fill out the questionnaire below and submit it as soon as you can. We will include your info in our Classmate Profiles section of the website. We'll also compile it into a 50th Reunion Yearbook that will also include photos and stories from the reunion itself, and will be mailed to you soon after the festivities. 

For the Questionnaire, we have given you a few broad categories, rather than a long list of questions. If you'd like us to include one or two relatively current photos of yourself and your family on our website and in the Yearbook, please send them via email to Dave Pratt at dave@dvpratt.com.

Please send in the questionnaire even if you can't make it to the reunion your classmates want to hear from you!

Maiden Name
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Email Address
Relationship Status
Occupational / Educational / Family Information you'd like to share
What else would you like everyone to know about you or your life?