Dave Pratt



300 Westfield Street
Dedham, MA 02026-5631

Married to Vivian Russell Pratt (THS '65)

Went to Worcester Poly (WPI) after THS and graduated in '69 with an EE degree. That was the extent of my (formal) education. Vivian Russell and I married right after college and we're still together. No kids — never felt the urge (to have kids, that is). Worked at a few electrical engineering / computer jobs mainly in signal and image processing, and started my own company (Digital Vision, Inc.) in '84 making computer video capture products. Viv and my brother John (THS '67) joined in, and we grew it to about 13 people and sold it back in '95 (it's now defunct). We've all been retired ever since. Viv has taken up art and received her MFA from Mass College of Art. I'm into sports cars, brewing beer, and doing websites for various organizations and people.

We've lived outside of Boston since college in Needham, Wellesley, and now Dedham since 1990. Musically, I haven't done too awfully much. In the late '70s, I picked up my trumpet again (cornet, actually) and started playing trad jazz. Got in with progressively better bands and played a lot of paying and non-paying gigs. Gave it up around '85, tho, because my company was taking too much of my time. We've both been pretty healthy and life's been good to us — hope it's the same with you!