Roger Plumb



1106 Gomer Dr
Beaver Dam, WI 53916

Married for 33 years

Retired, but working part-time as a brake press operator. One adult daughter and grandchild from first marriage. Three adult children from second marriage, all married and settled. Heidi (Patrick) is a physical therapist in Chicago, Kelly (Nate) is a school psychologist in Beaver Dam, and Cory (Lisa) audits maintenance contracts for a mining division of Caterpillar in Oak Creek. Linda (my wife) is also mostly retired after a career as an educator.

I've done extensive landscaping around the house, using old wood, stones from the farm, family heirlooms, etc. Also have found homes for nearly 80 dogs in the past 6 years, mostly retired Cavalier King Charles adults and less than perfect puppies.