David Maslak



3 Leslie Street
Terryville, CT 06786

Married 45 years

After four years of college for accounting, I was drafted into the Army. Stationed in Turkey for 13 months. Out with a job in the Colonial Bank Audit department for about 11 years, and worked for Jayne Eugene Florists for 5 years. Then made a career change and went to barbering school. I've had my own business for 30 years now, "David's" of Terryville, next to LeTravel. I just semi-retired, working only three and a half days per week. Had a son after 23 years of marriage — surprise! He's now 21.

Sorry, no recent picture. However, check our yearbook and add 40 pounds, with a plumper face and slight beer gut (only not beer, but wine), and plenty of gray hair with a front receding widows peek, and of course now glasses. (God, that's the description of my Dad.) Oh, well.

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. This piece of "dynamite" [see the yearbook], although bigger, sends best regards to all. I'll be at the 50th reunion!