Cheryl Ludgewait



63 Minger Lane
Bethlehem, CT 06751

Married to Andy Wells

This is my life in a nut shell. Pun intended. After high school, I went to work and met a wild and crazy guy; needless to say, he changed my Terryville mentality. I went to nursing school and worked in the operating room. Left the wild and crazy guy and drove to California to find myself. It was an amazing transformation. The people, the place, the lifestyle did wonders for me. But, like they say, everybody comes back, or almost everybody. So I schlepped back to CT — not intending to stay, but glad I did.

A car accident sent me to the ER, where a very nice ER doctor said, "I'll take that case," and I'm glad he did. Two years later, we got married and it's now been 31 years. These years were and still are spent living in Bethlehem, CT (not PA, where our mail sometimes get sent). During this time, I've worked in my husband's medical office as chief cook and bottle washer. It was a long 25 years, but now retirement is the greatest thing and I couldn't be happier.

Some of my extracurricular activities:

1) Got my barbers license.

2) Took Aikido (a Japanese marshal art) but had to stop because a 40+ year-old body doesn't survive break falls and joint-wrenching self-defense techniques. Wish I had started younger — I loved it.

3) Yoga practice has been off and on since the 70s.

4) Horses became a part of my life and I learned to ride well enough to stay on 99.9% of the time. It's the 0.1% when you're on the ground looking up that's frustrating.

5) Learned to downhill ski. First encounter was a disaster. My husband instructed, took me to the top of an intermediate slope. At the end of the day, my red ski pants ran and I was red, black and blue all over.

6) Diving was next. Have you ever jumped into a pool (during a lesson) with the regulator upside down? Well, it doesn't work. But diving is a great feeling.

7) Swing dancing to Eight-to-the-Bar and singing (well, trying) and dancing to The Eagles is my favorite music appreciation time.

8) We've traveled the US , Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, France, Ireland, Greek Islands, Bermuda, and many islands in the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. Lots of fun and stories to tell.

We have built our terminal house; it took five years. It'll take another year to get things right. Hopefully, the 2012 prophecy doesn't happen.

Presently, my passion is working with my horse, Truly Magic. She's a mystery, bought at an auction and just turned out with two donkeys for the past 7 years. She's turned into a beautiful girl and has a personality to match.

The Force has been very, very good to me. It's 63 years down and counting. I hope.