Tom Finan



130 Deer Run
Burlington, CT 06013

Married to Donna Eriksen

I worked 40 years as a Pharmacist for Hartford Hospital and CT Children's Medical Center (CCMC), the last 15 years at the Children's Hospital, which I found stimulating. I retired to enjoy life.

People ask what I do and I am hard pressed to give a good answer, but the time flies by. I am catching up on reading and not being tired at day's end. Time is spent taking care of our vegetable gardens and the general landscape at our house. Also, I seem to always find something that needs fixing around the house. I used to run a lot but had to stop because of post polio syndrome, which is not debilitating but keeps me from strenuous stuff like running and backpacking. Now it's yoga three times a week.

We try to take a few good vacations a year and have seen a lot of Europe and the US, mostly national park types of things. With Europe it's the required cities, museums, etc. but the most fun is exploring the countryside. We've recently discovered river cruises and appreciate the luxury of letting them show the way.

We were going to Turkey this September but the trip got cancelled. Good thing, as the State Department just recommended that Americans should consider leaving. In the process of planning another trip we lost sight of the reunion and booked at that date. Too much would be forfeited if we were to cancel.

I will miss catching up with everyone.