Cheryl Brzeski



15 Charnes Dr
East Haven, CT 06513

Married to Larry Cyr

Graduated from Briarwood College. Worked 18 years at Yale Medical School, Dept. of Surgery as executive medical assistant and research grant writer. Owned/operated hand crafted leather shop specializing in hand tooled leather. Painted oil and acrylic off and on over the years and I will continue to practice piano where no one can hear me until my fingers are too old to move. I've been married, widowed, married again, widowed again — hmmmm! Now married for 25 years. His name is Larry and he really knows how to play the piano. Together, we own Allen Organ Service, LLC, which specializes in installing and servicing electronic church organs.

I had three children (one beautiful daughter and two wonderful sons), but sadly, very sadly, I recently lost my youngest son. However, the sun always shines into my life through my two beautiful grandchildren, girl age 7 and boy age 8. We've been raising them for six years and now I find myself back at the beginning again — dancing school, Brownies, horseback lessons & Little League, Cub Scouts, basketball. There's a lot of truth to the saying "they keep you young."