The Birthday Bash is history! Despite a less-than-optimistic weather forecast and a murky start to June 24th, 2017, the day turned out to be magnificent ... in more ways than one! Twenty-two celebrants gathered at the home of Joe & Hedy Sarofin in Higganum, CT, which was indeed a perfect country setting for our party.

People started rolling in around noon and, after much hugging and handshaking, we got down to the business of having ourselves a grand ol' time. Gary Delpha had set up a couple of little kegs ("beer logs") of Brass Works Brewery's IPA and Blonde Ale, which we ended up doing a respectable number on. There were also various other forms of liquid refreshment to get us through the sunny, warm, breezy day.

Around mid-afternoon, food started arriving from Joe's grill, where he and others had been cooking up sizable quantities of chicken, burgers, dogs, and kielbasa. These were accompanied by various salads and other goodies — 'twas quite a feast.

Throughout all this, we took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy each other's company and renew our decades-old friendships. Cheryl Jacquemin Gianesini brought along her amazing collection of Class of '65 photos and other memorabilia to help with the reminiscing. (Alas, she spent a lot of time chasing it each time the breeze blew it away.) As with our previous reunions, we were also honored by the presence of Coach Frank Doolan — the guy is an inspiration!

Later on, the desserts came out, and what an array it was! The highlight was the official Class of '65 70th birthday cake that Patty & Paul Nimchek brought, decorated with all of our yearbook photos and a (edible?) kangaroo (see photos below). Many other wonderful desserts were brought by several other classmates. A bountiful assortment (and yes, there were leftovers ... lots)!

While some of us had to leave due to various obligations, others stayed until 8pm and beyond (sorry, Joe)! Finally, we all made our ways homeward, vowing to come up with some reason (valid or contrived) to do it again soon!

Huge thanks go out to Joe and Hedy for hosting such a fun gathering ... and for cooking up the barbecue! And thanks to Patty for remembering to take photos, and for bringing the official cake! And to Cheryl J for displaying the official class archives! And to Gary for the fine Brass Works beer! And to just about everybody else for the amazing array of desserts and other goodies!

The Birthday Bash attendees (in no particular order whatsoever):

Joe & Hedy Sarofin
Patty Scopino Nimchek
Paul Nimchek
Carol Matyka Armitage & Steve Gage
Jean Chelchowski Delpha
Gary Delpha
Bill Taylor
Susan Conopask Korzeniecky
Peter Murawski
Ruth Wagner DeLeo *
Lee Nietupski
Linda Kamens Logan *
Rich Janeczk
Tom Finan & Donna Eriksen
Michele Descomb *
Cheryl Jacquemin Gianesini
Cheryl Ludgewait Wells
Vivian Russell Pratt
Dave Pratt

* Unfortunately not in any of the photos

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